Looking for a Nanny? Here are 5 Qualities You Should Never Ignore

A kid playing in the park with a woman

Do you strain from a busy schedule and believe that getting a nanny will make it easier to care for your children while running your business or career? That’s in order! Getting a nanny can reassure you that your kids are receiving the attention they need while you are busy. If you’re in the UK and hire a nanny aged 22 or over earning more than £10,000 per annum then you must offer pensions for live-in nannies and make contributions on their behalf.

Making the decision should however be followed by research to pick the right woman or man to look after your kids. Your list of desirable attributes for a nanny can include compassion, dependability, and emergency preparedness, but without a clear plan, you risk finding someone who is not a good fit for your family. Here are the 5 bare minimums:

5 Key Traits That Nannies Should Possess

1. Loves Kids

Some nannies enter the field of child care merely as a means of support while they look for a job or as a means of income while determining their true calling. Such nannies may not have the understanding, patience, love, or enthusiasm needed to take care of kids.

Granted, nannying can include some extremely long days, and if your candidate does not enjoy being around kids, it can get challenging very fast. Look for someone who is vibrant and enjoys being around children!

Do they enjoy fostering the development of children and helping them pursue their hobbies? Can they play with them? More than that, can they instill discipline and teach them how to adhere to the law? A skilled nanny can strike a balance between the two and approach each day’s work with enthusiasm.

To evaluate this quality, schedule an interview where your candidates meet your children. Leave them alone for a while and try to observe from a distance. Alternatively, have your candidate spend a day working with you to observe how they respond to the challenges of child care.

2. Trustworthy

You’re getting a nanny because you have long periods where you’re not in contact with your kids. In such a situation, you will leave your kids in the hands of your nanny. That said, they must be reputable, responsible, and familiar with their profession.

You need to have faith that your caregiver will always put your kids’ needs first, act in their best interests, and adhere to your instructions. What’s more, is that being around your space, they will generally access private information about your family. Can your nanny keep your issues private?

3. Patience

As we previously mentioned, nannying can have some hectic days. Children love to test guardians’ boundaries for the sake of it. They can also be emotional and illogical, which can sometimes make days seem longer than they are. But they’re children, and it’s all a part of growing up, which is why you need a caregiver who can maintain composure.

4. Reliability

If you have a busy schedule, you want your nanny to keep time. You anticipate that she will arrive at your house promptly and prepare to start work. Unlike childcare centres, where you know someone will be there all the time, your nanny has to show up so you can leave for work.

If they fail to show up, you would need to make alternate arrangements with family or friends which can be inconvenient. Besides that, your nanny might have to pick up your kids from school or take them to a music lesson during the day. Will they deliver your kids on schedule to their destinations? Check whether they arrive on time for their interview to know this.

5. Organization and Time Management

Your nanny has to multi-task and needs to be organized to deliver impeccable work. They will be balancing a lot of tasks such as preparing meals, nap time, diaper alterations, playtime, and others. You also need to consider journeys made outside the home for activities like music classes, sports, or school.

How do they manage their time? Are they well-organized enough to complete everything? Do they understand what activities come first? Get a nanny who can manage everything without becoming overburdened with duties.

Final Thoughts

Everybody wants a nanny who is invested in their child’s growth; a nanny who can help kids flourish and develop into well-adjusted children. To get the best, look for these 5 qualities and ask your candidates about their experiences in these areas during the interview process.