Reasons To Visit Egypt In The Fall

Most of us learned about Egypt in school. With its architectural marvels and over 7000 years of history, including one of the Seven Wonders of the World, vast views, magical myths, culture, and great food, it’s no wonder Egypt’s on many a person’s bucket list. You’ll love the fall visit to Egypt.

Keep in mind that most people prefer to visit Egypt in the winter as it’s more relaxed; however, this is also peak tourist season. That’s why we’re focusing on the fall instead.

It’s Not As Hot

Temperatures in the summer in Egypt can reach as high as 122 Fahrenheit. That’s hot, and you would be miserable if your body wasn’t used to such temperatures. The average temperature is 104 Fahrenheit. For most of us, that’s hot. Really hot. That’s why most people choose to visit during the winter months. However, winter isn’t the only time that you can visit and enjoy cooler temperatures. As fall arrives, the heat of summer settles down to a more moderate temperature.

In September, temperatures average anywhere from 60 to 91 Fahrenheit. These temperatures are much more comfortable for most people. There is little rain in Cairo during this time. Heading into October-November, it will cool down even more. Nighttime lows in November average around 51 degrees.

Cooler weather makes exploring the area even more comfortable. Gazing at pyramids, and the warm desert, and exploring ancient tombs is far more comfortable during these months of the year.

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It’s Not Too Cold

During the fall, it’s not going to be too cold. Nighttime temperatures may plummet to just below freezing during the winter months. However, in the fall, they remain in the low 50s, which is far more comfortable. It’s the best time to consider a visit to Egypt.

Fall is also an ideal time to visit Alexandria, which can be quite damp during the cooler winter months. Luxor, the West Bank, along the Red Sea, and Abu Simbel can be comfortable during the fall. You’ll also be able to pack lighter-weight clothing for fall than other months.

Less Crowded

It’s not crowded in the fall, as most people haven’t considered visiting in the fall months.

If you’re not a fan of crowds, busy streets, or sites, this is the ideal time to plan your visit to Egypt. There are a lot fewer tourists during this time. You’ll escape the winter visitors and not be stuck in the summer heat. Hot, crowded areas are never fun to visit.

Fewer crowds also mean that you can enjoy yourself and take your time. You won’t have to rush through places like the Pyramids of Giza, and you’re far more likely to have them all to yourself. This translates to better photo ops. You can point your camera in any direction without worrying about catching a photo bomb.

Whether you’re learning facts that are fun about the Pyramids of Giza, eating freshly baked pita in Cairo, or enjoying the artifacts you see at the Luxor, you’re going to enjoy not having to rush through because of crowded areas. It will be more enjoyable. Crowds begin to pick up at the end of October and will pick up even more in Mid-November.

It’s Less Expensive

Peak tourist season is always more expensive. If you visit in the fall, it’s less expensive as it’s considered to be off-season. You’ll enjoy lower prices, fewer crowds, and more fun if you don’t have to stress over your budget. You’ll be able to do more on your list if you visit during the fall when things are less expensive than if you go during the peak tourist season when prices are jacked up, and the areas are more crowded.