Making Your Kitchen Winter Ready

The cold season is arguably one of the least favorite times for home improvement projects. If you are like most homeowners, you probably put off your plans until spring when it’s prime time for home remodeling. Characterized by dark gloomy days, longer nights, and bitingly cold temperatures, the winter months can be incredibly demotivating.

However, when you take a step back and really think about it, this is actually the perfect time to give your home’s interiors the makeover you’ve been shelving. After all, you will most likely be spending most of your time indoors during the coming months.

One of the most rewarding home improvement projects, as we head into winter, is a kitchen renovation. To begin with, since you will be stuck indoors most of the time, you are likely to spend more time in the kitchen cooking for your family and guests (especially during the festive season) and also catching up with them in the kitchen area. Secondly, you will want to take precautionary measures to protect your kitchen against the worst of the winter weather.

Depending on the state of your kitchen and your personal preferences, this can mean something as simple as a paint job or a major kitchen cabinet and countertop overhaul, such as installing a white granite worktop. Whichever you choose, investing in a few seasonal adjustments now will help you get more value and utility out of your kitchen this winter.

How to Decorate Your Kitchen to Reflect the Winter Season

Perhaps the simplest and most cost-effective way of bringing the spirit of the season into your kitchen is by adding a few decorative touches. It is all about capturing the sights, smells, and textures of the winter season that provide you with a feeling of emotional warmth.

For instance, you can bring a sense of the outdoors into your kitchen space by adding decorative bowls and baskets filled with pine cones and nuts. This atmosphere can be further enhanced using natural air fresheners with spice-infused fragrances.

The adventurous aromas of woody herbs such as rosemary and thyme are also a great choice for this time of year. In case you have a dining table installed in the space, you can add a set of autumnal placemats or a seasonal runner. The ideas here are countless and as cheap as possible.

If you want to make your kitchen cozier for the winter, choose some warmer-colored kitchen units. You can go for dark blue kitchen units or warming red gloss.

One of the most amazing aspects of some of these colors is that, besides improving the coziness of your kitchen during winter, they still work great for the summer season.

The Best Type of Kitchen Lighting for the Winter

Many households, in an attempt to compensate for the reduced amount of natural light, tend to put up intensely bright white lights indoors. However, rather than creating a beautiful contrast, this only puts stress on the eyes.

While the winter season sees a significant reduction in the amount of natural light available, you are still best going for something soft and subtle. This doesn’t mean that you leave your kitchen feeling dark and dismal, rather the point is to avoid unpleasant contrasts.

We suggest that you try to experiment with different kinds of lighting to find one that works best. Task lighting is a great choice when looking to create a relatively soft glow of natural light.

You can also use soft lighting to highlight particular areas of your kitchen. Some options include under-unit spotlights that light your kitchen from below or warm bulbed downlighters placed under your kitchen units. The type of lighting you go for will have a huge influence on your kitchen design and the ambiance within the space.

Add a Splash of Color

Applying a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to transform the look and feel of your kitchen.