Moving House During Winter – Remain Stress-free with These Tips

A girl moving boxes in a house

1. Plan for Delays

No matter how well you prepare, things get delayed for several reasons. Keep your floor plans designed by in 2D or 3D to save time. Snow and ice during the winter months may not give you major problems but might force you to travel slower in your removal van. Days also tend to be shorter in the winter months, especially when you plan your move around Christmas. This is why it is important to try and do the maximum possible activities in the middle of the day to avoid working in the dark too much. Before going further into the article check out Four Labs.

2. Proper Dressing

It’s important to dress appropriately like any other big occasion. You should wear comfortable clothes when you are moving to allow you to move around easily. Since there is a temperature difference outside, in the car, house, and in other places, it’s a good idea to wear multiple layers. On top of that, physical activity will also make you warmer. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and try to wear shoes with anti-slip soles.

3. Get Essentials

While most things are going to be packed, it is a good idea to keep some essentials with you. For instance, keep some drinks and snacks with you to have a quick refreshment whenever you need some. Put such things in an essentials box and keep it with you in the car. It will make sure that all essentials are always available whenever you need them, even in your house.

4. Huge Distance – Have a Picnic

If you’re moving over a longer distance, it is better to pack some snacks, sandwiches, and cold drinks to keep your stomach full in case you are unable to find time for a proper stop along your journey.

Since you are travelling during the winter months, don’t forget to carry a flask of soup or coffee and some warm clothing, a blanket, and footwear for those emergencies. You should, in any case, carry these things during winter months but these become much more important when moving a house. You should not allow your energy levels to go down and should try to do everything to keep yourself warm to tackle unexpected problems during the move.

5. Car Check

Whenever you take your car out in the winter months, you should check it properly to make sure everything is fine. With that said, some people completely forget about it when they are already experiencing stress related to moving home. This is why it’s important to ensure having plenty of fuel in the car along with other winter checks such as having an ice scraper, de-icer as well as topped up windscreen wash. If you feel there is going to be snow, it is a good thing to carry a snow shovel.

6. Heating

Get the previous owners to transfer the power supplies in your name before moving into your new house. Try to talk to the previous owners and ask them to keep the heating on low before leaving, especially if they plan to move a day or two before your arrival. It will make sure the house is comfortable, especially when you have to travel a long way and there might be no one there for several hours. In any case, your vendors are going to take a metre reading before leaving.

7. Keep Your Furniture and Belongings Safe

While it is always recommended to properly wrap up your possessions and furniture to avoid potential damage but it gains even more importance in wet weather. Buy some protective wrapping but a better thing would be to use the services of a reputed removal company such as Ballards. This company will take care of everything for you. Our recommendation is to make use of proper removal boxes. We will provide these boxes with our full removal service though you can also purchase them separately for a DIY move.