Reasons You Need Event Security

A security guard outside entrance of a venue

Having good event security is incredibly important. It’s also more complex than it may seem. It involves much more than surrounding the venue with different security personnel. The process of designing good event security is intricate and involves a lot of coordination and optimal communication to keep everyone at the event safe and away from danger.

However, with the proper protocol and practices, you can guarantee the security of everyone at the event including staff and guests. Along with this, you can mitigate any damage to the property or venue.

Having security at team building events is so important because it protects you from a range of possibilities and outcomes. It can help:

  • Cover you in case a guest sustains an injury.
  • Help to mitigate damage to your property or venue.
  • Optimise crowd control.
  • Deal with troublesome guests.
  • Deal with unexpected incidents.

Because of this, it’s pertinent for any organiser to look at and map out the security strategy before the event. There are plenty of different types of security and the right type will all depend on the overall size of the venue, the scope of the event, the location, and even the type of event being hosted.

NVC Security is a company that you can count on to work with you during the planning stages. NVC Security will help you understand the optimal security practices and integrate them into your comprehensive security mix. Everything will be taken into consideration when drawing up your tailored security strategy including your needs and budget.

1. Know the Venue

To come up with the right security strategy, you need to know the ins and outs of your venue. You need to know all of the access points. This includes the entry points that only authorised personnel could access.

You want to effectively identify all of these points and ensure that your security personnel is covering them and aware of them.

If you are hosting an outdoor event, you’ll want to establish a perimeter around it. You need to let all security personnel know exactly where the perimeter starts and ends. It’s a good idea to use fences or other kinds of barricades to make it visible. It’s also a good idea (if possible) to have guards positioned at the outer point of the perimeter to keep unwanted guests from gaining unauthorised access.

2. The Attendance of High-risk Guests

You need to know whether or not you will have any guests that are coming which could increase the security risk of your event. While you won’t be able to conduct any background checks on guests, anyone that is labelled as a potentially high-risk guest should be pointed out. Let your security personnel know about it. That way, they can pay close attention to these guests to not only protect them but also protect everyone around them.

For instance, if you have guest speakers coming to your event and they are associated with a company that has been centred in controversy, they are bound to be labelled as high risk. After all, their attendance could bring troublesome attendees or even protestors that might want to cause havoc. NVC Security can help to formulate the best plan of action to mitigate these increased risk factors. This includes doing things like positioning increased security personnel around the areas where you are most likely to have protestors gathering.

3. Crime or Suspicious Activity

There is always going to be a risk of having thieves and violent crime whenever you are hosting any kind of event. Larger crowds can make for an easier target for those looking to cause trouble. Thus, you want to have preventative measures in place to mitigate the risks.

Everyone that is attending the event needs to go through a comprehensive security check. Their bags need to be checked, they need to go through a metal detector, and more. Here at NVC Security, we have completely vetted and SIA-licensed guards that have the requisite field experience to help keep your event safe. Our staff knows how to effectively and efficiently search guests to keep illegal items from being brought in.

You need to inform guests before the event that they will have to go through and pass a bag search and inspection. You should also make an effort to publish a list of things that will be prohibited at the event.

Not only should your security personnel be looking out for prohibited items, but the staff should also be looking out for any suspicious behaviour by individuals attending the event or around it.