Tips for Selling and Viewing an Empty Property

Empty room of a house with lights turned on

Over the last 2 years, the property market in the UK has become quite sluggish. However, in some areas, some properties have been selling at good prices with the help of and at the best time. People are finally settled about Brexit and planning their next moves by getting in touch with their locals. Over the last few years, thousands of properties have been sold but there is still a considerable decline compared to the previous years. To find out more information about property marketing get in touch with a property marketing service.

Yes, there are people still buying and selling property. However, Brexit may have stalled a lot of transactions so you may come across some empty properties when searching for a new home. Here the seller may have moved on to the next property as they wait for their current home to sell. Empty properties may be harder to sell since a lot of buyers have problems visualizing living in something empty.

Well, if you are planning to sell your property, here are some useful tips to help you sell or buy an empty property. Note that, if you have already sold your empty property, you have already done the first move and it may be tougher in the long run to sell it. Here are some of the best steps to ensure a quick sale.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Is the interior part of the property bare? Well, you need to make the best first impression with potential buyers when they see the exterior part of the property. Curb appeal plays a huge role when it comes to selling a property, whether or not it’s vacant. However, you will feel a bigger impact if you improve your curb appeal if there is nothing inside.

Any marketing photography you may have taken for the vacant property may not be as intriguing as those properties that are fully furnished. Therefore, make sure the property is attractive, especially for the exterior. This way, whoever shows up to see the property doesn’t feel cheated.

Clean up the Property

Are you selling your property when you are still living in it? Well, there may be so many areas that may be concealed by your possessions, that the vacuum cleaner or duster may not reach. When you are selling an empty property, poor cleanliness will always stand out. You will have a hard time concealing scuffed and dirty flooring, unwashed carpets, wine bottle remnants, and much more. It will actually put off your buyers.

Your walls may appear pristine if they were previously blocked by a chest of drawers. Once you remove them, the walls will definitely show a lot of dirt. Therefore, putting up your house for sale, you need to make sure the walls, floors, and other surfaces are clean. If possible, you can decorate anywhere for the best results.

Make Sure Your Windows are Sparkling

Your windows may look dirtier if there are no blinds or curtains to hide a few dirty spots. Well, before putting up your empty house for sale, take time to make sure the windows are gleaming. Each room will sparkle accordingly and improve natural light.

Visit the Property Every Week

You may not be aware that dirt and grime will accumulate while no one is living in your house but you may end up being wrong. Well, depending on the time of year, the exterior of your property will require a lot of attention, especially if there is inclement weather. On the other hand, the interior may start smelling damp and musty, if the home has been vacant for a while. Therefore, you need to visit the house at least once every week to open up a few windows. Additionally, you can clean and check around the property.