The Top-rated Places to Live in South West London

London Cityscape

Historically, the South West of London has steered clear of the limelight. Even while hipster emerging Meccas like Peckham and Shoreditch have exploded into the national spotlight, this small corner of the city has found a way to “keep to itself”.

But this appears to be undergoing changes, and in the last few years, South West London has climbed up the ranks where it has become a highly popular area to purchase a home. This is because many people that are priced out when it comes to traditional trendy areas are starting to find out what this beautiful area is all about.

If you have had thoughts of buying a home in this area, keep reading to discover more about why this is a top-rated place to choose in South West London.

4. Wimbledon

It was once one of the sleepy commuter towns that were solely known for the famous tennis tournaments. But today Wimbledon has turned into a chic, thriving neighbourhood, due to green space availability and transport links that have undergone significant improvements.

Central areas of Wimbledon feature several marketplaces and cozy cafes, but it is also one of the overpriced places to live. When you head out slightly further to Merton, this area will provide all the smoothie bars and one of the best rental properties in Wimbledon with green spaces you could ask for at far lower prices.

3. Richmond

Richmond is a fantastic place for families. It is also home to the Royal Park one of the most biologically diverse and largest nationally. When it comes to living here, it was historically linked with the “wealthy”, which is why the entire area is still home to sprawling manors such as those from the Victorian, Georgian, and Tudor eras.

You won’t find many budget homes in this area, with average home prices starting at over £1 million, which means you would most likely need a significant windfall to cover costs relating to a 2-up, 2-down.

2. Clapham

There is not much to fault when it comes to Clapham. The area is focused mainly around sprawling Clapham Common (which has a tube stop on either end) and has remained among the more vibrant in the city.

Clapham is well-known for its nightlife, with a significant number of clubs and bars which has made it the ideal spot for avid party animals. The nightlife diversity also includes a few casinos, which are outside central London. The Admiral is one of the more popular options. Life is very colourful for those that choose to settle down in Clapham.

1. Battersea

Once down on its luck, Battersea was synonymous with punk music videos and industrial decline. Today, however, with the renovation of the Battersea Power Station, which is about to become a prime spot for 100s of flats and one of the biggest co-working spaces in the world, this area has turned into a highly trendy place.

While the prices are not exactly affordable, the massive housing glut which has flooded this area means that for this area, you should be able to secure a very smart bargain. At least when it comes to London standards.

While the gentrification of London carries on at a pace, a large area of the South West has retained its character and charm. We hope this trend will continue as more people choose this area to settle down.