Top Reasons To Consider A Career In HR

Human Resource professionals are very important to any organisation. They work on the front for recruitment. The entire industry of HR is surrounded by people management. They are responsible for managing people within an organisation and for executing organisational strategies. Those that work and do well in HR generally have a strong understanding of a company’s policies, priorities, and challenges. Because of this, they are essential in dictating the future of an organisation because of the integral decisions they make. If you want to be an HR professional, keep your eyes open for companies that are currently looking for HR talent.

Looking To Make A Difference In A Company?

When you are in HR, you are in a position to make a difference. You will be in a situation where you have massive influence over the company. Anyone good at HR will have their finger directly on the pulse of an organisation. They will know what’s going on and they will be tasked with pushing the organisation’s objectives further. The HR staff of an organisation are extremely important. Because of this, they generally are compensated very fairly. You will find that many HR staff members will be paid over the industry average. An HR assistant in London can expect to make as much as £25K. Perhaps best of all, HR members enjoy a much better work/life balance than others in an organisation.

Do You Like Challenges?

You must enjoy challenges if you want to get into HR. Those that work in HR tend to have to deal with complex issues and they have to work in a dynamic environment that is constantly changing. As an HR professional, you have daily roles in staff members’ lives. You have duties to help all of the employees at the company happy. There are plenty of different ways you get to help employees too. You get to hire someone that needs insurance. You get to help employees gain valuable skills that can help them in their careers. You get to solve organisational issues to make their work lives happier. There’s so much that you can do that will present you with challenges that can give you personal satisfaction.

Do You Have Both Intuition and Common Sense?

There is a lot of worry about technology and how it’s disrupting a lot of industries and roles. However, one of the areas that are likely safe from technology is the Human Resources department. Why is it safe? Well, HR is all about people management. It’s a very difficult sector of an organisation to automate. There are certain aspects of HR that you simply cannot hand over to artificial intelligence. The profession requires a lot of things that only humans are capable of doing. You need to have both intuition and common sense when dealing with your daily duties in HR. Thus, you are safe from technological intrusion.

You will constantly be helping with the professional development of other employees. There will be tools like performance reviews and even conducting exit interviews that will help your organisation get the data they need to improve employee satisfaction, performance, and plans.

The total number of available specialist jobs in HR is expected to grow by 8% in 2022. Every company is going to continue to need HR professionals working for them as they scale their businesses. This role of HR in managing employees isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Do You Have A Knack For Spotting Problems?

One of the main things that someone in HR does is spot problems. They need to be able to not only spot problems but come up with solutions for them. They need to do it quickly too. Otherwise, the problems can spiral out of control and become organisational and systemic. They are also directly responsible for onboarding new hires. A new hire can have a tough time getting adjusted without a good onboarding process. It’s HR’s job to not only successfully place new hires in the right jobs, but also to help them get adjusted so they can be an asset to the organisation.

Do You Enjoy Challenges?

The majority of those that choose HR welcome a challenge. There are so many changes that will alter how you do your job that you won’t ever get complacent.

Is HR Right For Me?

This is something you need to figure out. Are you a people person? You pretty much have to be. After all, you are going to be in the business of managing people. You want to ensure that you work well and communicate well with others. You will be tasked with conducting interviews and even dealing with complaints throughout the organisation. You need to have excellent communication skills to be successful in HR.