Top Creative Volunteer Ideas

Volunteer Local

It doesn’t matter where your team is, you can easily find lots of unique opportunities to volunteer. You can utilize a service such as VolunteerMatch in order to find lots of new ways that you can volunteer in your community. You will also learn about the different causes that you can get involved in locally.

After deciding on the direction you want to take your team, you can give employees some time off so that they can volunteer. Alternatively, you can dedicate a couple of work hours for everyone to volunteer. This is definitely a great idea because it will not only help your employees bond but also give back to their community.

Create Care Packages

Another fantastic way to make a difference in the world is to create care packages for people as well as families that need help. It is a good idea to partner with other organizations in order to get assistance on what to purchase for each package as well as how to handle donations.

A good example is Outback Team Building and Training, which offers team-building programs that are all about creating various care packages. There is also the School Supply Scramble, which will help you create backpacks that are filled with all the necessary school supplies for families in need who can’t buy these items for their kids. The Military Support Mission can also help with creating hygiene kits for troops around the world.

Do A Public Space Cleanup

If you’re passionate about helping the environment, it is an excellent idea to organize a space clean-up of a specific area within your community or city. You can have a group gathering at a particular beach, park, forest, etc. in order to clean and get rid of litter and trash in the area. This is an excellent initiative that will go a long way in dealing with pollution. It will also make your community feel cleaner, safer, and more welcoming.

You can choose to create your own CSR event or even join another existing cleanup team in your city. You can even choose to adopt a particular public area and commit to cleaning it regularly for an extended period of time. You can even make it a lot of fun for your employees by having prizes for those who clean up the most trash.

Workplace Fundraiser

Workplace fundraisers are a common concept. In most cases, they look like a silent auction, fundraising dinner, 50/50 raffle, etc.

You can take this idea and make it a lot more interesting and unique. A good way to do this is to create a baking competition where your employees buy various baked goods and then vote on the most delicious ones. Another idea is a pub quiz where there is a prize or trophy for the smartest team or you can even host a poker night where the winnings will support the goal of the fundraiser.

Charity Team Building

One of the most popular team-building exercises is charity team-building. These types of events are highly popular due to the fact that they are lots of fun, they give back to the community, and they improve relationships between employees.

Expertise Sharing

Your team of employees surely has lots of unique skills that can help your community. It doesn’t matter whether these skills include IT, customer service, marketing, etc, all of them can benefit other people. A good idea is to offer a free class on whatever your team is skilled in. This would allow your team to share what they know, help others in the community, and improve their public speaking skills.