Now is the Best Time to Start Organizing Your Company’s Christmas Party

Employees at a office Christmas party

Your vision is less likely to be realized, the more you continue pushing its planning further down the to-do list. While it’s true that there are numerous amazing venues for hosting your Christmas party in London, it is also true that there are many companies competing for these venues as well. Start planning as soon as possible; that’s our advice to you!

Get Your Preferred Venue

You can choose your preferred venue from the available selection by simply getting started on your Christmas party planning as early as possible. Think of what works well with your vision and what you like, and then come up with a shortlist of some options that match these requirements.

Afterward, you can confirm that these options have everything you are looking for by organizing and making site visits. These options should provide you with the best ingredients for you to plan your Christmas office party, from the available space to the amenities and everything in between. You will want to get the entertainment, venue, technology, and location, to have any chance of impressing your colleagues.

Pick Your Preferred Date

You will also stand a better chance of landing the date you want for your party, in addition to getting the perfect venue. With Thursdays and Fridays being the most sought-after, most people opt for mid-December dates. If you are after a Friday or Thursday in the middle of December, again, be sure to start planning early!

Furthermore, you will also have something to work towards, if you can sort your date early. Once you have a set date, you will find that it’s easier to organise and schedule the other remaining bits. You will need to book everything from the décor and entertainment, to the caterers and everything else in between. In no time, you will be blitzing through your to-do list.

Make It Easier for Guests to Save the Date

The guests should be included in your to-do list as well. Whether in terms of social or work life, December tends to be a very busy month. If everyone is scheduled to do something else, there is no point in choosing the best date for your party. You can make it easier for your invited guests to save the date early by getting the Christmas party date sorted as early as possible. With it, on the day of the party, you will get more people to admire your party planning skills.

Establishing a Rapport with the Manager of the Venue

You will have more time to build a relationship with the manager of the venue if you leave more time between the date of the booking and the date of the event. You can create something totally unique for your event if you familiarize yourself with the manager and the venue beforehand.

Qualify for Discounts and Offers

Everyone, including venue managers, appreciates a bit of organisation. You are likely to be rewarded with incentives, discounts, and offers, by simply planning your event as early as possible. Start planning immediately, as this also applies to other vendors as well, including entertainment and caterers.

Everyone loves making savings; and while last-minute bookings can also earn you discounts, they can as easily also cost you more. If you are a perfectionist, pressed for time, or easily stressed, you definitely don’t want to take that risk.

Motivate Your Colleagues

You can also boost morale at the office with that diary request for your corporate Christmas party. One of the best ways to celebrate everyone’s hard work for the year is by planning a Christmas party. Your staff will get the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves during the party.


Scheduling your Christmas party can be done as early as possible. In some cases, we have had people book the same venue for the following year immediately after the conclusion of their party simply because they enjoyed it so much.